Yesterday was my last session on the EECP machine. I wish to thank Dr. Deshpande, Dr. Prasad, Mr. Prasanna, gracious lady at reception and the other Doctors and staff at Global for being so kind, considerate, co operative and supportive through the therapy. I was both, happily surprised, encouraged and touched by Our Director and founder Mr. A.V.Naraayan himself presenting me with a memorable gift that I can display in my home as a reminder of how I was saved by GHF from Invasive intervention of my CAD. I am indebted and grateful to Mr. Narayan for bringing this safe and effective treatment at our doorstep in Pune. I do hope to continue my association with the organisation as I proceed post EECP with Myodrrops XL and my own efforts of diet reversal, yoga, meditation and exercise. I am at this time making observations over my own recovery and documenting the same. If I can achieve complete rehabilitation then any one can and I do hope to be able to help other patients like myself in due course.

May GBHF receive the support it deserves and The Almighty,s Blessings.


Mr Pandurang Bhonde
Age : 66 yrs, Pune

Complaint : Mr Pandurang Bhonde had a severe heart attack on 2009. His angiography showed 80% and 90% blockages. He was advised an early CABG and was told it will cost him 2.5lakhs.

GHF Treatment : He opted for Myodrrops XL treatment at Global Heart Foundation and in 2011 particpated in the marathon and acquired 8th position. Now he is healthy and not on medication.

Anonymous names have been used in the following testimonials to protect the identity of the patient

I Mr. Ashwin Jadhav, residing at Meraj – Sangali
Age : 69 yrs

I would like to share my experience.Last 25 yrs I have diabetics. My sugar count was F-200 & pp- 250. Since 3yrs I am suffering with heart problem. I had symptoms like sweating, feeling tired, shoulder pain, etc. I was hospitalized 5 times in ICU for same, but there was no change in my condition. On 13th Oct ’09 I got my Angiography done in one of the hospitals in Pune. It confirmed that I have 80% blockage. All the best doctors advised me for Bypass surgery. Next day I read the advertisement in newspaper about Global Heart Foundation, Pune. I directly came with all my reports and met GHF Doctor. He suggested me the new EECP treatment, which is equivalent to Bypass or Angioplasty. I completed my 35 days treatment. They also provided me Ayurvedic medicine called Myodrops XL.

At the time of treatment, the team of Doctors and all the Staff of Global Heart Foundation Helped and gave me a lot of Support. Even both The Director met me and asked me how the EECP treatment is helpful for me. My experience with Global Heart Foundation is unforgettable. In this city like Pune.This type of treatment is Equivalent to Social Service.
(I was not even able to walk for 1/2Km).Now I can walk for 3 to 4km daily without any problem. No tiredness, No sweating and No tension at all. Even my Sugar count is F -93 & PP – 137. My Family Doctor Milind Patwardan (Diabetic specialist – Meraj) is happy with my health progress. Now my family has no tension with my Health. All thanks to Global Heart Foundation’s EECP treatment. My best wishes to this Institute “.

Mr Ashwin Jadhav

 I Mr. Vivek Shinde age 62 got a heart attack on 08-Dec-2009. I was rushed to my family doctor who advised me to do angiography & in that there were 3 blockages & then asked me to do the angioplasty for 1 blockage.

The same day Angioplasty took place & I was shifted to CCU. All the pain & other concerns were gone immediately. But was kept under observation in CCU for 3 days. After 3 days I was discharged with the bill of amount 217,000/-

For a week I felt better but afterwards again started feeling uneasy. So I went to my family doctor who kept on changing medicines for nearly 1 month but all in vain. Again I went to the same Hospital & got the entire test done & to my surprise they told me that you have to perform Angioplasty again to avoid the heart attack. For the middle class person this is really impossible to again spent Rs. 200,000/- Then I heard about GLOBAL HEART FOUNDATION.

Immediately I took all my reports & prescription & went to GLOBAL HEART FOUNDATION. The Doctors told us about the EECP treatment & Myodrops XL & I was impressed. In the mean while the doctors of Global Heart Foundation changed my medicines & the EECP treatment started. After 18 days the Heart profile was done & showed very good recovery & was feeling much better & happy. And also to add I am diabetic & because of Myodrops sugar level also came under control.

This is my experience at GLOBAL HEART FOUNDATION & would request any heart patient to visit & experience the therapy (EECP & Myodrops XL) & avoid ANGIOPLASTY & By-pass save Lakhs of rupees. The staff is very good & co-operative.

My special thanks to all the Doctors as well as their entire staff “.

Mr Vivek Shinde

Mr Rakesh Kulkarni Pune

Date : Jan 2014

Complaint: My angiography report showed blockages in 3 places. 90%, 80% and 70%. To remove this blockage, I was advised Bypass surgery for which I would have had to spend around Rs 3 lakhs. After hearing this I was completely shocked and worried as I did not want to have such a huge expense and did not want to put my body through the physical trauma of cuts and pain. I did not want to do this surgery and hence I started inquiring at various places for alternative treatment but I did not get a satisfactory answer.
GHF Treatment :  Thanks to my good destiny and I came across Global Heart Foundation. I immediately went to GHF and met the doctor. After the doctor saw the reports he guided me very well and gave me good advice, without taking any fee.

I started EECP treatment. One hour a day for 35 days. Along with this treatment I also consumed their medicine Myodrrops XL, 2 capsules, twice a day. Due to this treatment, I could avoid surgery on my body and recovered. Now every day I take 6000 steps every morning and I don’t experience any kind of discomfort. I wish that all of you should consider taking this therapy and benefit from it.

Mr Bhaskar Jadhav
Age : 67yrs

Complaint : Had an accident in July 2000 and operated my right hand. In 2005, I was 58yrs old I started getting breathless while climbing stairs. Felt restless and scared during sleep. My doctor said I may get a heart attack.

GHF Treatment : In July 2005, at Global Heart Foundation I did the scan and took Myodrrops XL treatment for 2 months. The doctor had suggested a brisk walk. After 2 months there was an improvement and my health was better. The breathlessness had gone even if I was climbing steps or a small hill. In 2010 I repeated the scan and the blockages had reduced. In April 2013 I will be repeating the scan again. Global Heart Foundation is very good for heart patients and Myodrrops XL is excellent.

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