Myodrrops XL

Myodrrops XL

Global Heart Foundation, in association with Narayan’s Rreamedy’s Pvt Ltd,

using the balanced science of Ayurveda, brings to you a “Cardiac Medicine” called “Myodrrops XL”.

(Indian FDA approved), a patent formulation with GMP certification.

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Over centuries Ayurveda has proved its mettle and has been successful in the treatment of various ailments including cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease continues to have its terrorising effect for decades and till date people continue to live in the fear of a Heart Attack. There are various reasons to support this. Some of them are changing lifestyles, pollution, stress, obesity, etc. which have lead to consistent increase in heart ailments. There are plenty of studies and research that confidently claims that this epidemic is on the rise and will continue to be so.

Myodrrops XL is purely herbal and ayurvedic formulation. It is an excellent cardiac stimulant and reduces the load on the heart giving the patient evident symptomatic relief. The magical formulation is a combination of several herbs and has proved to be the best alternative to Angioplasty and Bypass surgery and post Bypass problems. It is tried and tested by thousands of patients of coronary artery disease. All the ingredients used in the medicine are the combination of ancient herbal medicine and modern science.

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Why Myodrrops XL ? 

  • Approved by the Indian FDA and certified by Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • It is purely herbal.
  • Excellent cardiac stimulant and cardio protective .
  • Improves myocardial contractility.
  • Decreases myocardial demand.
  • Enhances myocardial perfusion.
  • Improves arterial elasticity / compliance.
  • Clears soft plaques.
  • Increases myocardial blood flow.
  • Opens up collaterals.
  • Reduces abnormal dilation of the heart.
  • Gives synergistic effects with multiple ingredients


In Ayurveda, a science of one principle balances the other by synergism or antagonism. Some herbs enhance action, while others avoid or minimize possible side effects. The interaction of variety of compounds makes remedies safe and more effective.


There is no contraindication for use of Myodrrops XL and unless the patient is known to be hypersensitive to any of its ingredients it may be used in any clinical setting or with any underlying disorder.


Coronary artery disease and other atherosclerotic conditions.


Myodrrops XL being an Ayurvedic formulation is relatively devoid of side effects. There have been rare instances of gastritis or a mild and temporary skin irritation with the use of Myodrrops XL. However, this too resolves/disappears when the therapy is discontinued.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Myodrrops XL

    One Bottle containing 30 Capsules

    Using the balanced science of Ayurveda, brings to you a “Cardiac Medicine” called “Myodrrops XL”.

    (FDA approved), a patent formulation with GMP certification.

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