Celebrating 21st Anniversary

There are several different tests & investigations used to diagnose heart disease.

The tests your doctor chooses for you will depend on your risk of heart disease, your history of heart problems and the symptoms you might have.

To participate, answer the questions below!

    1. Are you above 40 years of age ?

    2. Do you smoke?

    3. Do you eat a diet rich in carbohydrates ?

    4. Do you lack exercise and are overweight?

    5. Do you have high cholesterol?

    6. Do you lead a high stress lifestyle or a have a hectic schedule ?

    7. Do you have Diabetes / High blood pressure ?

    8. Do you have a family history of heart ailments?

    9. Have you undergone Angiography/Angioplasty/Bypass surgery ?

    10. Are you advised surgery for the second time?

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